Up to Us is a program that empowers students to educate peers on our long-term national debt, how it could affect their economic opportunities, and what our generation can do to have a voice in raising awareness of our fiscal challenges!​

Student campaigns will be judged by competition organizers and a diverse panel. Campaigns will be scored on a variety of criteria including the success of key campaign activities and the creativity and vision behind those activities.

Meet the nationwide Up to Us community here. Below, learn more about Boston University's 2018 Team.


Hi! We're Eva Jungreis and Tallulah Kay, and we're dedicated to making a change in our community. We're both seniors at Boston University, and besides our economic studies our interests include art, cooking, sports, and failing to break even at all-you-can-eat sushi restaurants. Click to learn more about our majors, extracurriculars, and aspirations!

We believe all young people should be engaged in their own financial future, and in the fiscal future of the United States.

Our Mission

As young adults, we recognize that our generation has an essential role to play in helping to build a strong fiscal and economic future for our nation. Today, we are raising awareness of the country’s fiscal challenges as part of Up to Us, a non-partisan campaign that empowers millennials across the nation to make their voices heard on the issue of our long-term national debt.


Our Vision

By signing this pledge, you are joining the tens of thousands of your peers who have supported Up to Us to communicate that securing our fiscal future is an important priority for America’s next generation.


This pledge will be collected and delivered to U.S. Representatives, Senators, and other elected officials based on your zip code, showcasing the power our generation has when we come together on important issues.

We Need Your Support Today!

Get Involved

Sign our pledge to prove to our politicians that fiscal policy and a financially sounds future are important to millennials. This is an apolitical contest focused on engagement, so be sure to select Boston University as your school!



Email: evjung@bu.edu


Phone: 415.283.8565


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